Mermaid Patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about marbling? Product? Licensing?


What is marbling?

Today's marbling has evolved from the centuries-old art form. Modern marbling involves floating paint on water mixed viscous with carrageenan, a seaweed extract; creating intricate patterns and unique designs using unusual, handmade tools; and then laying paper, fabric, wood, or other porous materials onto the surface of the bath where the image immediately and permanently transferred to the desired surface.

Why do the trays/vat have a drain hole?

The drain hole was born out of innovation after spilling gallons of carrageenan on the floor while trying to clean it out.

Do you license your work?

Yes. If you are interested please contact me at hello {at} mermaidpatterns {dot} com

Where are your trays made?

I work with a family owned manufacturer in the United States.

Where are your combs made?

They are made by me in my studio.

Do you teach classes?

Yes, check out classes page here.